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Find out how you can access free website tools and training (based on the book that started it all) ....


6 Essentials for Business Success
in Good and Bad Times


Subscription Plans

Each subscription level corresponds to a different degree of sophistication in analyzing the risk of lending to businesses and the people who run them.

Business owners and managers can access valuable resources and top notch training that teaches you what a banker looks for in reviewing a loan application. The small subscription fee will more than pay for itself in helping you negotiate the best possible interest rate and loan fees.

For credit analysts, business developers, lenders, accountants, investors, and chief financial officers, more sophisticated tools and learning events await you at higher subscription levels. You will be amazed at how powerful these workshops are, and how enjoyable it is to develop skills that are essential for your success.

Visitor Level
  Registration is Free
Includes complimentary access to Shockproof! Business Alerts, online workshops such as How to Win Your Banker's Heart, automated worksheets and analytic software to help you see a business from a banker's perspective.
Membership Level
  $150 give you all the above, plus participation in the online workshop:
The Language of Business  
Bronze Level
  $395 gives you all the above, plus participation in the online workshops:
Differences in Business Organizations
Financial Statement Quality and Risk Assessment
Silver Level
  $790 gives you all the above, plus participation in the online workshops:
Business Cash Flow Statements and Risk Assessment
Personal Financial Statements and Risk Assessment
The Personal Cash Flow Statement and Risk Assessment
Gold Level
  $1370 gives you all the above, plus participation in the online workshops:
Financial and Non-Financial Red Flags
Profitability and Cash Flow
Cash Drivers and Cash Impact
Estimating Debt Capacity
Management Essentials for Business Success
  As a Gold Level subscriber you may also submit a credit write-up for review and critique as the final step in mastering these courses. We provide the format for the write-up and the case materials for a prospective borrower.  You apply the analytical tools and techniques that you've explored previously and present your recommendations for review and assessment by others.

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